Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Action research is a great way for anyone to improve their practice.  It is a great way to grow professionally.  It is a process in which you reflect on your problems and situations that lead to real changes.   It is practical and designed to your needs.  It is a reflection on what you are already doing and what you need to change.  

I will definitely use it in my teaching practice.  First, I will start the process by defining an issue to study; asking myself critical questions of a learning issue that I may have in my classroom.  I will organize, study and analyze the data that I have.  I will reflect as to why the issue is happening and look for any trends or patterns.  Second, I will study some professional literature on my issue and interpret the information to find a possible solution.  Third, I will take action; creating a doable plan and a timeline to carry it out.  Finally, I will use and share my results with my principal and colleagues, so that they too learn from my experience.

I believe that this type of research leads us to have more ownership on what we learn as professionals and makes our learning more relevant to our daily lives.

Educational leaders might use blogs to get teachers' input on future professional development, to get input on current programs being used, and to share news.  This certainly will establish a sense of community and everyone who is involved will learn from each other.  

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  1. Excellent Post Dinora. I look forward to your future posts. I really feel that self inquiry is a fantastic way to identify, research and find solutions to issues in a educational setting. Good Luck!